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Violette Imperiale Perfumed Soap by Historiae

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  • Imported from France

  • Top Notes: Orange, blackcurrant, peach

  • Mid Notes: Violet, iris, raspberry

  • Bottom Notes: Vanilla, musk, amber, vetiver, sandalwood

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    Violette Imp̩riale presents a generous and rich violet that recalls - with elegance - the splendor of the Second Empire.
    In the language of flower, the violet represents shyness, modesty, decency and is a symbol for secret love. It was the favorite flower of the Empress Eug̩nie de Montijo (1826-1920) wife of Napoleon III.
    On the case is represented an imperial symbol: the bee, which evokes immortality and resurrection and establishes a link between the new dynasty and the origins of France.