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Silent Service Antique Champagne Sabre Sword

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  • Polished Stainless Chromium Steel Brilliant Blade

  • Measures 19" from tip of blade to the end of the handle

  • High wear resistance, High durability, and corrosion resistant

  • Perfect for entertaining guests or a conversation piece in your home


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    Distinguished Gentlemen's Champagne Sabre Sword

    Beautifully handcrafted, this Silent Service Champagne Sabre will last a Lifetime while enhancing your champagne experience. Sabrage is a technique for opening a champagne bottle with a sabre, used for ceremonial occasions. The wielder slides the saber along the body of the bottle to break the top of the neck away, leaving the neck of the bottle open and ready to pour. The force of the blade hitting the lip breaks the glass to separate the collar from the neck of the bottle. A sharpened edge is unnecessary because in sabrage it is the impact that is important. The cork and collar remain together after separating from the neck.

    This is a genuine all luxury piece. The Silent Service Champagne Saber will be the life to any party and puts a more regal twist on popping champagne.
    These make fantastic gifts for the holidays and will be a big hit at your next dinner party!