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French Rose Perfume (15 ml) by Historiae

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  • Paris Chamber of Commerce featured perfume

  • 1 purse size (0.50 fl oz) bottle

  • Top Notes: May rose, Damascena rose, pear, bergamot, tagetes

  • Middle Notes: Rose absolute, magnolia, mock orange, clove, davana, peony, gĂ©ranium, litsea cubeba

  • Base Notes: Benzoin, vanilla, musk, amber

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    Historiae Perfume of History
    In 2012, Pascale Oger was living in a 17th century home, called "The Kings Falconry", in the Versailles Plain, when she was working for L'Oreal. The scenery around her inspired the basis for her new luxury perfume line to tell the history of France with scents: Historiae, Perfume of History. This line is 100% made in France, and is the perfect embodiment of the know-how, creativity and culture of the French throughout history. Each perfume has its own perfume creator and designer, who specializes in international luxury brands, that makes each perfume its own unique creation. Only one year after its debut, Historiae was awarded 1st place for "Primo Exportatuer" (or "Best Exporter") in 2013 by the Paris Chamber of Commerce.
    Rose De France
    A most delightful perfume inspired by Marie Antoinette and the reign of King Francois First. Ms. Antoinette adored the scent of roses. The use of rose extracts can be traced back all throughout history, spreading heavily in the Renaissance during the reign of King Francois First, when knights brought back many aromatic plants and spices from the Orient. The rose became a sign of perfection and the most popular scent of the era. It submerges us into the innovation and refinement of the Renaissance with a faint aroma of Damascena rose veiled in a benzoin balsamic fragrance often brought back from the Kingdom of Siam.