About Us

Val Apple Pelletteria understands that what goes inside a car is as noteworthy as the car itself. When you choose a vehicle, you choose one that reflects your individuality. And from your choice of car, we know you’re the type of person who travels in the finest of style.

That’s why Val Apple Pelletteria is introducing Corsa Miglia’s line of Car-Centric Leather Luggage as the natural extension of your style. With a variety of unique pieces available to be perfectly housed in any bonnet, boot, or trunk, as well as matching extras for the backseat, you can rest assured that your original luggage will mirror your quiet elegance. We take great pride in assisting you through the luggage selection process to ensure the right models and colors for your travel needs. The leather luggage is fashioned from a base of the finest “naked leather”, in which the grain of the hide is left unaltered by any finishes save for dye. Products made from “naked leather” are of the utmost quality, since only the highest grades of leather showing few blemishes are acceptable.

Corsa Miglia is also going the next step and taking you proudly beyond the car with our newest line of Swiss Made Watches. Our Silent Service Watches are an honorable nod to our fellow Navy Submariner with the inscription “PRIDE RUNS DEEP.” We are Navy Veteran owned and operated locally in High Point, NC. We also carry a variety of accessories and gifts that embody the Corsa Miglia lifestyle. From unique wine tools, elegant decor, sophisticated fragrances, and stylish accessories - we have assembled a collection of stunning items to accent your lifestyle.